Benefits of Breathing Effectively

March 4, 2013 by in General, Health / 0 Comments

Our rate of breathing is a mirror of our stress scale. The quicker the rate of breathing the more stressed we are. Therefore the way to bring down your stress rating fast is to s l o w d o w n your number of breaths per minute.


While breathing quickly often we only take shallow breaths filling just the top lobes of the lungs. Therefore only the top portion of the rib cage moves. By taking slower breaths we can also get a more complete filling of the lungs thereby mobilizing all of the joints between our 12 pairs of ribs and the spinal column. Gentle movement of these 24 joints helps the circulation and flexibility of your back.


We also bring more life giving oxygen into the body by taking deeper breaths. That means that every cell in your body is happier and healthier.


A great time to work this tip into your schedule is at bedtime.


Lay down in bed on your back and get comfy.


Breathe in slowly to a count of 5 seconds.


Breathe out slowly to a count of 5 seconds.


Feel your lungs fill up like balloons.


Repeat 5 – 10 times.


You may notice that you fall to sleep faster, sleep more soundly and wake up more rested.


Check out my video on “Stress Gears” to see a quick demo on how to slow down your breathing.