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Fibre isn’t sexy but it is good for us!  It’s like a cleaning crew that keeps our pipes clean.  Humans can’t actually digest fibre but it does bulk up the matter that travels through our intestines.  It slows down sugar.  When looking at labels for carbohydrates you can subtract the fibre from the total carbohydrate content.  Fibre also helps curb your appetite and the bulk helps you to feel full and satisfied.


Where do you find it?  It can be found in the fruit and vegetable skins that we eat so leave them on – no peeling!  They can be challenging to chew so cutting up fruits and veggies helps.  You can grate, dice, slice and for those who don’t like manual chopping use a food processor.  These days I wash my carrots beets potatoes thoroughly and then cut them up and throw them into soups sauces and salads.


Even fruits… I’ve been slicing my peaches and apples and throwing them skins and all into my many summer crumbles and cobblers.  It’s faster too!


Bran or “grain skin” is another way to get your fibre.  Make sure that your bread and cereals are made with 100% whole grain.  You can also add additional bran to baked goods.  Get creative – try rice bran or oat bran for a change.


Seeds are also a great source but must be milled in order to break open the seed coat especially if you aren’t willing to spend some serious time chewing.  Try flax, chia, salba sprinkled on yogurt or cereal or in muffins, granola or bars


Last but not least break out the legumes.  Beans, peas and lentils are a great way to get fibre in while upping the plant based protein in your meal.  You can add to a salad a soup or blend them up with some herbs, garlic and onion for a variety of tasty dips.


Bon appetite and happy flushing!

Check out my video on “Fibre” for tips on how to increase fibre in your diet and improve colon health.