Healthy Party Food

January 16, 2013 by in General, Health / 0 Comments

My Friend and partner in crime Rachel Matthews Burton hosted her daughter’s 2nd birthday party on the weekend.  You may be able to empathize with the break neck speed with which her life unfolds these days.  She called me wondering how she was going to do her typical crazy week and plan the party that she was envisioning.

Sheryl to the rescue… She had the idea that she wanted food that is actually healthy at her daughters party and yours truly became the solution to her problem.  There were still some wicked snacks although now brands are using healthier oils and offering low sodium choices however the bulk of the food had the higher health quotient that I’m so passionate about.

I made one of my Kitchen Sink Salads, a time tested stand by the Pasta Salad and some tasty Antijitos in 3 different flavours.  Every party needs something sweet so I baked a mountain of Crispy Chews – a wheat free cookie that had both parents and kids kept coming back for more.    Balance still must come into play and remember the heart-warming “comfort food effect”