How to Successfully Build New Year’s Resolutions

December 30, 2010 by in Health / 0 Comments
It’s that time of year again!!  With January 1st comes that inevitable New Year’s Resolution.  Have you ever made a pledge to lose weight or give up your favourite sinful food?  How’s it working for you? 
Research has shown that the human brain doesn’t effectively process a negative.  Think about it… how do you NOT DO something?  It’s much more straight forward to DO something.  When we say “don’t gain weight!” the brain gets confused by the “don’t” and just hears the part about the weight.   It’s much more efficient to build our goals as positive statements.  Instead of “losing weight” try Gaining Health.  Now the brain starts to search for ways to be healthy!
Step #1 to getting to a destination is to figure out where you are right now.  An assessment is the only way to have a baseline for comparison down the road to make sure that you’re on the right track.  Let’s be honest – the truth can hurt
Look at your before picture as a motivator.  Checking in regularly (but not obsessively) by actually seeing your progress with your own eyes on charts or in pictures can keep that motivation high.  That leads to the perseverance which enables you to arrive at your target.
A great tool can be found at the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s website.  It’s a FREE 12 week, interactive program that gets you started and helps keep you focused.  By the time heart month rolls in around this February you could be a third of your way to your finish line!! 

Start your assessment HERE.  It’s a wonderful first step!

Look for step 2 in next week’s post.
By the way… Happy New Year!  😉