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    Rally your group towards a healthy change or big cause.


    Sheryl Gill is a sparkling speaker and health expert.


  • Do you have a group that needs motivation and direction?
  • Would productivity drastically improve if only bad habits would change?
  • Is morale low or unfocused?

    It’s time to bring in a dynamic speaker – and survivor.


    Sheryl Gill will rock your group out of complacency; remind them how special this life is and inspire them to follow your healthy call to action.


    Speaking Topics:

    Life Affirmation

  • Sheryl’s Story As a Survivor

    Self Confidence

  • Women, Mothers, Children, Teen Girls – Models Aren’t Role Models

    Easy to Implement Health Tools

  • Ergonomics, Workout at the Workstation, Healthy Lunches; Movement that Matters


  • Individuals, Parent/Baby, Couples

    Representative of the Heart & Stroke Foundation